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Meet Pastor David and Millicent Simiyu of Kenya

We are happy to share the work of Jesus Christ through Pastor and Evangelist David and Millicent Simiyu. They are Covenant Partners with PHD Ministries International. We pray for David and Millicent everyday while on missions of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This dynamic husband and wife team, brings new souls to the Kingdom, baptizes in Jesus Name, evangelizes the Word of God, visits the oppressed, speaks at leadership conferences, passes out Holy bibles, and much, much more. They shared their work with us, and we are so impressed with how Jesus is using them that we asked them if we could share their work with everyone who follow and attend PHD Ministries International. Of course, they said yes, and sent us many pictures. Learning of the work of Jesus David and Millicent are doing will energize and inspire your faith! This is a glorious testimony of Our Lord Jesus Christ gathering those that are His in these last days.

Day 2 of one of their missions, Pastor David preached on a farm in a village. 29 souls accepted the message of Christ into their heart and were added to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah! All of heaven stopped and praised the Lord this day! Many were baptized!

Pastor David Simiyu was on a mission. He walked on foot to remote villages proclaiming the message of Jesus where 18 souls accepted Jesus as Lord! Glory to God! They also handed out bibles to those that lived too far away from churches.

"Look at this extremely wonderful service... God is harvesting what He planted on the cross.

63 youths received Jesus Christ, 9 of them were Islamic students that repented and came to Christ.

I am going back in one month to baptize them!"

- Pastor David Simiyu

Pictured below, Pastor David Simiyu serves 53 souls in need for necessities at the marketplace. He also serves as a preacher at leadership conferences, visits prisons and police stations, outreaches door to door to wherever Our Lord sends him.

"On behalf of the church here in Kenya I want to explore and express my grateful heart thanks to you (Pastor David Girley) and all the members of the body of Christ Jesus at PHD ministries for being on Frontline and for prayers support and the love you have to us in everlasting gospel ministry, your solidarity and prayer unity has made us here to be strong in Christ Jesus. It's my testimony to share with you what Jesus Christ is doing here.

I and my wife Millicent pass our greetings to Senior Pastor David and all great team of PHD, Shalom. Always keep us in your prayers as we pray for you in Jesus' name, Shalom."

- Pastor David Simiyu

God bless you, Pastor David Simiyu, your reward in heaven is great! We are honored to be Covenant Partners. We will continue to pray for each other for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere in these last of the last days!

- Pastor David Girley

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