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Keep Saying What God Says

Have you been sick for a long time? Have you received a diagnosis from the doctor that they say may never heal? What about a medical issue that keeps flaring up? Keep saying what God says and nothing else! Stop saying and repeating your symptoms, how you feel, what it looks like, your dooming outlook, bad reports, and the confusion of what to believe. You are not denying what's happened to you. You are not denying your symptoms and how you feel. You are simply denying them the right to stay in your body! You are changing your circumstance with the word of God instead of letting your circumstance change you!

Here is what God says: It is His will for you to be healed, in divine health, and your body whole. God can't put sickness on you and then heal you. He cannot work against Himself like that. How? A house divided against itself can't stand (Matthew 12:22-28). So, the religious belief that "if it's in His will," is nothing but a lie of doubt in your mouth, heart, and mind. Will you receive anything from God with that strong doubt in your confession (James 1:6-8), no, you won't. Not with that confession. Get rid of that confession and say, Yes! It is in God's will to heal me! Jesus healed so many people in the bible. He didn't go around putting sickness and diseases on people, no He delivered them. He went to the cross and died for your sickness and diseases so you could live free from them (Isaiah 53:3-5).

Keep saying what God says, and never give up. Even if years go by, keep saying what God says. What does that mean, and how do you do that? Only let what comes out of your mouth be the word of God and not what you see or feel. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God (coming from your mouth Romans 10:17). Get your confession in line with what God says about your healing. "In Jesus name, I am healed, I am strong, my body is whole, I am who God says I am, I have what God says I have, my body works the way God created it to work, I am delivered form this sickness, I am delivered from this disease." Keep speaking life onto your body until you see the results of your confession. What you say has power (Proverbs 18:21). Don't dig up your faith, prayers, and confession with unbelief and say the contrary. Jesus said in Mark 11:22-24 to SPEAK to your sickness (disease, ailment) and command it to heal (be cast, thrown out) and do not doubt, but believe that what you SAY is going to take place, it will be done for you in accordance with God's will.

Take your place of authority and command that sickness to get out of your body. It's your God-given right to be healed. Divine health belongs to you. Take that faith stand, and boldly speak yourself healed.

God bless you

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