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King David Was Depressed

Did you know King David was depressed? Oh yes he was! He wrote he had sorrow in his soul, he wore mourning garments meant to be worn when someone dies but no one did, he behaved as if he was grieving for a friend, brother, or mother because he was sad and depressed in his soul (Psalm 35 12-14). He kept going to the Lord wanting to know how long will the destruction continue. That means he was mentally exhausted with continuous mental torment. He prayed in desperation for the Lord to rescue him from the life he was experiencing (Psalm 35 17). King David was familiar with depression and adversity so severe that he wanted to run away from everything and everyone and go into the wilderness alone. Does that sound like you?

We can learn from King David's example of how he beat depression. He kept praying to God without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). He knew that the Lord was near and listening. Now that's faith. He didn't let depression tell him that the Lord wasn't there and did not care. He didn't let depression destroy his faith. He prayed against the adversity and didn't just let it win. He did something about it. He spoke against it. He never lost faith. He knew the Lord was fighting for him and on his side. He knew that righteousness would prevail. He knew that the Lord takes pleasure in the prosperity of those that are His. That goes for you too! Don't let depression lie to you anymore. God is on your side, you will overcome depression, you will win against adversity, you will survive this, Jesus will deliver you from sadness, sorrow, and suicidal thoughts. Just stay alive, and don't take your life. Jesus died in your place so you could live!

You belong to Jesus. He is yours, and you are His. It is a love exchange. Keep believing and never give up hope. Your deliverance is here, and His name is Jesus!

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