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'Life Changers' Testimonies

Updated: Jan 8

Life Changers is a highly anointed prayer group who prays for people all over the world every day. We are changing lives one prayer at a time. Take a look at these testimonies from brothers and sisters just like you that called or sent in prayer requests and received prayer. You could be next for a miracle to take place in your life.

- Pastor David Girley

"I put my father on the prayer list for the PHD Ministries National Day of Prayer and I have already seen a difference. My father was diagnosed with early onset Parkinsons in 2000 and has been in memory care for close to twenty years. After speaking with him on the phone this week, his speech sounded crystal clear, and he had strong cognitive function. We talked about everything from old memories to different computer operating systems (he loves technology). His mental astuteness is nothing short of a miracle. Glory to God, He’s taking care of my family."

- Sarah

"One of the things I had on my list for the National Day of Prayer was for healing from type 2 diabetes. This morning I went in for a medical check-up. My blood sugar was at 100. It is the lowest it's ever been! For years my sugar was in the 300-500 range. God did it! I thank Him and praise Him for healing me!"

- Bob

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