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Somebody Prayed

The Holy Spirit is a life-changing 3-part series by Pastor David Girley that is full of the revelation and wisdom you need to be Great In God!  Download it today!

The Holy Spirit 3-Part Series | DIGITAL - MP3

  • A link to download your series will be provided upon checkout.  You will also receive a download link via email which will be good for 30 days from your checkout date.

    Due to large file size, a strong WIFI connection is recommended for downloads.

  • When your download is complete, the files will be saved in the Files app on your device.

    From the Files app, find the zipped folder titled "The Holy Spirit" and select it.  This will unzip the contents and create a new folder titled "The Holy Spirit Series".

    Once the contents have been unzipped, select the newly created folder and both the audio files and corresponding study notes will be there.

    For the best experience, it is recommended that you either print the study notes or view them on a separate device.

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