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There's a Miracle In My Mouth...God's Word

We release the miracle working power of God with our mouth by using God's word. We aren't asking God to leave the Throne and come back down here and perform a miracle. We are taking ahold of what Jesus Christ has already done and declaring it for our lives. We are believing God for His manifestation of the completed work of Jesus will be applied to our lives. There is a miracle in my mouth. There is the power of God flowing from my mouth. I am not repeating what doctor's or what anyone else says, I declare what God says. We are declaring the solution. In this message, we are going to learn the name of Jesus we have been given, the history behind it, and how to use it.

Jesus said, 'heal the sick.' He didn't say cry for the sick, worry for the sick, whine for the sick, but heal the sick. Lay hands on them, and they shall recover. God said, 'bring outcome, bring My power.' Ephesians 6:10 says, 'Be strong in the Lord and in His power.' We come to bring the outcome of who Jesus is and what He has accomplished.

Can we begin to share with you your dominion, your rights, and your responsibility? The bible says, do not take the Lord thy God's name in vain. In those times, the people were not allowed to say, 'that Name.' It was too sacred. Why? Here's the answer. First let's define that God's mouth and man's mouth are the only two mouths that affect the spirit realm. Your mouth affects the spirit realm. How? John 6:63 says, "the words that I speak, they are Spirit and Life." So is your word. Your word is spirit, your word is life. So, your words affect the spirit realm. Did you know Satan's word can't affect the spirit realm? His words have no power. That is why he has to bring suggestions to your mind. That's why he torments and bombards your mind to get you to say what he says and what he wants done. His mouth has no say in the spirit realm.

There is a law of the spirit realm. The law of the Name. Jesus said, 'whatever you ask in my name, I will do for you,' (John 14:13). What is the power in the Name of Jesus? When you declare the Name of Jesus everything in the spiritual universe stands at attention when you declare that Name. Because it waits to hear what comes after what I decree. You are a son of God. That means when you declare the name of Jesus Christ, all the spiritual universe stands at attention waiting to hear what you are about to declare. Jesus said, 'whatever you ask in My name,' (Mark 11:23). It's not begging. It is exercising your authority and your rights as a son of God. Declaring the manifestation of God's word. This is your rightful position, taking possession of your inheritance. You are exercising the right to use the Name.

The Name of Jesus was only given to the sons of God to use. Jesus said in John 16:23-24, 'up until now you haven't used My Name. You haven't asked anything in My Name.’ Why? Because the Name wasn't given yet. Under the old covenant, they could not take on the name or use His name in vain. They were too scared to use the Name. So, they wouldn't say the Name. But here God is saying in Hebrews 8:6, '…He is the mediator of a better covenant and better promises,' than they could ever have in the old covenant. So, we have better rights and privileges that have been afforded to us than the people of the old covenant could never have. We have a responsibility now to conduct ourselves differently than those of the old covenant. They never had our rights, they never had our position, they never had our promises, they never had The Name, but yet still we don’t see what we have and don't use The Name.

Again, everything in the universe stands at attention when the Name is declared to see what immediately follows. The sons of God are the ones with dominion. Dominion means the ability to reign and rule. God gave us the Name to reign and rule. So, when you ask in that Name, representing all that the "I Am" is. The Name that God told Moses is the Name forever. In Exodus 3:13-15 Moses said, 'who should I tell them who sent me. God said tell them, I Am that I Am… this is My name forever.' When you say the name of Jesus it is representing all that I Am. When you ask in the name of Jesus it represents all that 'I Am.' The 'I Am.' The name of the power of the Great I Am is asking in the Name. When you use the Name of Jesus Christ, you are now granted to display that power of the Great Name. You have rights and privileges now.

There isn't anything equal to Jesus' power. There isn't anything that can withstand His power. There isn't anyone equal to His power. There isn't anyone greater than Him. There is nothing that can compare to Him. That is why He says, if God be for you, who can be against you (Romans 8:31). Who can be your foe if God is on your side.

Grab ahold of your rights and privileges as the sons and daughters of God. When you say, 'in the Name of Jesus.' It's not a figment of speech. It shouldn't be taken lightly. It is not to be used for nothing. It is not a religious cliché. Take ahold of your faith with that name. For example say, 'in the name of Jesus be whole. In the name of Jesus be healed. In the name of Jesus be delivered. Satan, I bind you in the name of Jesus. I loose this in the name of Jesus. Satan, I command you to let go in the name of Jesus. What are you doing when you declare those things? You are conducting Kingdom business in that Name. What you decree starts moving toward what you declare in that Name. It starts to begin to come to pass. You are conducting King business as the Great 'I Am.' You are taking your place as the sons and daughters of God.

Healing, deliverance, wholeness, answers, and provision begin to flow on the earth spiritually, physically, and financially now that you have declared in the Name. It comes towards the one who made the declaration in that Name. The little things that we received; we received in the Name without even realizing it. Romans 1:17 says we are supposed to be building from faith to faith. Which means, from your last faith encounter with God, He proved Himself, to now building on that with another faith encounter. Then build on that even further. If you build on that faith, there will be more. 'More shall be given to you’ (Matthew 25:14-30). When you know your God, you shall do great and mighty things (John 14:12). A person can't do a great miracle for God and not know Him. When you begin to know God, see His ways, how they manifest and are revealed, you gain confidence in Him. You get confidence in that Word. You know God can't lie.

Your faith stand changed you, it doesn't change God. This is the way you live in the Kingdom of God. 'The just shall live by faith.' This is the mannerism that you live by now. As you step out and live by faith, you are getting to live a quality of life as Christ Jesus living in you. You are experiencing more of the life of Christ the more you live by faith. This faith that you have, takes ahold of what Grace has provided. We didn't deserve or earn it, we received it by grace. We must take ahold of the Life of Christ by faith. You do that by taking what God has provided and making it yours.

God has been waiting on your faith. This is how the miracle signs and wonders are going to show up now in your life. The impossible will now become possible because we are taking our place in the Kingdom of God. We are speaking what God says. We are not asking God to do anything He hasn’t already done. We are not trying to get God to do something new. God is all seeing and all knowing. There isn't anything He doesn't know. You are not talking God into doing something He hasn't already done. We are taking hold of what He has already done and receive it. How? You believed; therefore you now receive. God says He already wanted to bless you, heal you, answer you, save you, deliver you, and make a way for you. You give God a way in with your faith. You are finally taking ahold of it. Let go of being a 'problem' worshipper and begin to be a God worshipper. You gave the ‘Problem Solver’ a way in.

God wants you to have His best life. There is a better life available. A better life is waiting on you. There's a better life that He died for and gave you. As God's family, God's heirs, and God's children He wants you to have the best. You were born into His family. He chose you. He picked you out to be king's and priests under Him (Revelations 1:6). You were born this way. God ordained you to rule and have authority. Man didn't give it to you, God did. Your responsibility now is to fulfill His purpose for your life that He appointed you to.

Move forward now and say this prayer along with me. God forgive my ignorance. Forgive my ways that had me rebelling against you. Forgive me for the times I lost faith. I gave up on things to soon, God. Forgive me for complaining. I take ahold of what you provided me by faith and make it mine now. You gave me your Name and showed me how to use it. It’s my responsibility to fulfil the purpose you chose me to do. I am declaring I am going to do it in Jesus name.

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